Insights Discovery™ is a globally renowned psychometric testing tool that is used within organisations to support personal and professional development, team building, customer service and leadership training. The model is based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and uses a language of colour to explore different personality types. Discovery™ provides insights into an individual’s preferences, communication styles, strengths, and potential areas for development. 
Here's a guide to understanding and using the Insights Discovery™ model. 
Understanding the four colour energies 
Each of the colour energies contributes value to the team and individual performance. The basic essence of these colour energies are: 
• Cool Blue: analytical, detail-oriented, logical, and organised 
• Fiery Red: assertive, decisive, results-oriented, and competitive 
• Sunshine Yellow: sociable, optimistic, energetic, and persuasive 
• Earth Green: empathetic, collaborative, supportive and nurturing 
Our personal preferences are a blend of all four colour energies. Typically, we may recognise that we access some of the colour energies more than others but we have the capacity to use them all. 
Taking the Insights Discovery™ evaluator 
The Insights Discovery evaluator is taken online and involves answering a series of questions that build a picture of the order and amount you are likely to access the colour energies. The evaluator results are presented in a personal profile that includes an overview of personality strengths, limitations, value to the team, and strategies for effective communication. The profile also includes visual representations of your preferences in the form of graphs. These graphs help to understand your preferences in more depth and how much you access all four colour energies. 
Applying Insights in Personal and Professional Development 
Using the Discovery™ profile in conjunction with facilitated team workshops and 1-2-1 coaching leads to enhanced self-awareness, improved communication skills, and helps to build effective teams. Understanding your own and others preferences will help you adapt your communication style to connect better with your colleagues, customers, and suppliers. In addition to Discovery™, Insights has other diagnostics to enhance development in specific areas such as sales effectiveness, leadership impact, team dynamics, recruitment, and customer service. 
Using Insights to value diversity and build inclusive Teams 
Using Insights Discovery™ is a great way for teams to value differences and recognise strengths in others. By understanding ourselves and others better, we can develop strategies to show up with greater effectiveness as a team even in the most challenging of situations and create a more engaging and healthier work environment for all. 
Remember that psychometric diagnostics, like Insights Discovery™, provide a snapshot of your preferences through the lens of a theoretical model. These diagnostics are not definitive measures of your personality. They serve to help you explore self-awareness and how you can make a positive impact on your work and relationships. Used in a team or organisation, it provides a common language by which to understand and navigate different relationships and contributes to shaping a positive workplace culture. 
Starting your journey with Insights Discovery™ 
The value of any diagnostic is dependent on having a clear purpose or goal for its use. Typically, organisations engage with Discovery to help shape and develop their culture and accelerate advantages in performance. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about Discovery and how to unlock the people potential in your organisation. 
If you are new to Newland Partners - why not explore our sample programmes and discover how we can partner with you on your learning and development journey. 
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