Adopting common language for effective communication 
Adopting common language for effective communication 
La Fosse wanted to build more effective internal relationships with an initial focus on their experienced Consultants. The aim: to equip the team with the tools which would enable them to adapt and flex their communication style.   The goal: to develop and strengthen internal and external communication. 

The Brief 

La Fosse Associates is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, specialising in recruiting technology, digital and change talent. They wanted to build capability amongst their experienced consultants to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of strengths and blind spots not only of oneself, but of others. To create an opportunity for people to function at a new level of consciousness, improve how people communicate, and cultivate a rich environment where individuals and teams can thrive. 

The Solution 

An Insights Discovery programme was developed in partnership with La Fosse which included the addition of the Sales Effectiveness Indicator.  

The Impact 

Culturally Insights has provided La Fosse with a common language and is frequently referred to in conversations. It has been most useful for those responsible for leading and managing. La Fosse's experienced consultants gained a deeper understanding of personal strengths, and an awareness of how these played out in their role. Being able to understand what their own style were, and to identify the different energies within their teams, has given individuals licence to give feedback and ask questions. This has helped them to understand the demands or requests made of them and identify the drivers behind them. Internal communication and cross collaboration have significantly improved, along with how they support new talent. The team were particularly impressed with the addition of The Sales Effectivesness Indicator and couldn’t quite believe the detail in which it provided. 
"Steve is brilliant. Everybody gave really good feedback. The programme was a very memorable experience. People couldn’t believe how Steve knew so much about them from their personal report. He was absolutely the right person to bring in to deliver this for us. Steve’s a really nice guy who genuinely cares."  
Kelly Wilkinson, Senior Talen Development Consultant, La Fosse Associates 
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