Success Stories 

Success Stories 

Lincoln Cathedral 

Uniting a Team & Improving Customer Service  

Discover how the introduction of Insights Discovery™ and Newland Partners ABC of Service Excellence helped Lincoln Cathedral remodel their communication strategy, and improve internal and external customer relationships. 


Driving change through understanding people  

Hydro wanted to lead organisational change from an external perspective with minimal disruption. Managing cultural differences and leadership styles, uniting people, and streamlining work were some of the challenges facing Hydro when two companies merged in 2020.  

Streets Heaver Healthcare Computing 

Cultural Change Journey  

Streets Heaver began their collaboration with Newland Partners five years ago, at the start of a period of growth and expansion. A cultural disconnect was emerging between new joiners and those who had served the business for many years. The challenge was to bring people together and shape a unified culture as the business grew. 

La Fosse Associates 

Adopting common language for effective communication. 

Developing a deeper understanding and awareness of strengths and blind spots not only of oneself, but of others, creates an opportunity for people to function at a new level of consciousness, improves how people communicate, and cultivates a rich environment where individuals and teams can thrive. 

University of Lincoln 

Leading and Learning in an Agile World 

Newland Partners teamed up with University of Lincoln to deliver a programme designed for their senior leaders to better support dispersed teams and harness a hybrid work environment that upholds an inclusive, collaborative culture. 

Lincolnshire Employment Accommodation Project (LEAP) 

Leadership and Team Development 

The teams were furnished with new communication skills, tools and tips that could help contribute towards delivering high levels of service both internally and externally. 

Lincolnshire County Council 

Improving customer relationships using Insights Discovery 

Imagine the potential leaps in performance that can be unlocked by forging a deeper connection with colleagues and customers; a connection built on a real awareness of our own and others’ strengths and the ability to adapt so that we can achieve the best results in every interaction. 

Our free consultation is an excellent way to discover new solutions to unlock the people potential and performance in your business. 

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