Partners and Diagnostic Solutions 

Partners and Diagnostic Solutions 

At NP we use recognised and accredited diagnostics to spotlight critical areas for people and organisational development. By working with our trusted partners we can draw on a range of specialist expertise and design solutions that directly match your requirements for a great return on investment. 

Insights Discovery   

Insights is a psychometric tool built on the research of Carl Jung into human personality. Insights uses the language of ‘colour energies’ to identify and develop the use of behavioural preferences in the workplace. 
The unique and in-depth individual Discovery profiles have a variety of chapters on areas such as sales effectiveness, management style, communications, value to the team and opportunities for development. Used effectively, under the guidance of accredited coaches, Insights significantly improves personal, leadership, team and organisation culture and performance. 

Brathay People and Organisation Development 

Brathay specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke organisational change and development programmes for organisations, leaders, teams, and people throughout your organisation focussing on a range of skills and business challenges.  
We develop people to improve engagement, productivity and capability to lead and increase performance within their business. Our style is straight forward, practical and supportive, we work with businesses to create an environment of trust, where people feel able to give their best. 
We make change happen by aligning personal development with organisational needs. What makes us different is that we challenge and inspire by working with beliefs, drivers and motivations. This is driven by Brathay’s own values: inspire, support and share. 
"Mergers are never easy, but this process has certainly been made smoother for our people since being introduced to Insights. We recognise more unity amongst our senior people despite a completely different management and organisational structure." 
Richard Mousley, Head of HR, Hydro UK 

Our free consultation is an excellent way to discover new solutions to unlock the people potential and performance in your business. 

Call 01522 404075 to discuss how these solutions can work for your business. 
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