Last month Insights released an ROI Impact Report for Insights Discovery™ that attributed hard numbers to a programme of learning at the #1 global job site, Indeed. Today Indeed leverage Insights Discovery™ as part of their every-day onboarding, with starters receiving their personal profiles within 3-6 months of employment, and the ROI of that investment is a staggering 2063%! 
2063% means that for every dollar invested, one dollar is returned plus an additional $20.63. 
The impact report, which you can download here, reported the following: 
$10,000,000 of overall savings 
$7,884,209 in turnover savings 
$649,285 in innovation savings 
It begs the question: Exactly how did Indeed get those results? 
Integration is the key! Indeed took an established system, Insights Discovery™, and made it their own. By 2022, Indeed had accredited 29 Insights Discovery practitioners to facilitate and integrate Discovery within existing Indeed learning and development programmes. 
If you are interested in unlocking great results from Insights Discovery in your organisation, you can learn a lot from the Indeed model. Here are some of the ways Insights Discovery™ is being used to support their people development initiatives: 
Leverage Insights Discovery™ as part of a robust onboarding package 
Empower your clients to leverage Insights Discovery™ during annual reviews 
Refer to Insights Discovery™ during developmental coaching sessions 
Show your clients how they can integrate Insights Discovery™ into their existing programmes 
The fact is, Insights Discovery™ is much more than just a profiling tool of psychometric types. At Newland Partners, our accredited practitioners use Discovery as a catalyst™ for cutlure change and to unlock people potential in leaders, teams, customer experience, and sales performance. 
We find that organisations get the greatest benefits from Insights Discovery™ when they integrate the language and data into three key layers of their culture:  
Leading self - helping people to show up at their best 
Leading others - helping people grow their contribution and impact 
Leading the organisation - helping people shape and deliver results 
Aligning these three layers is key to sustaining a cosnsitent and engaging culture built on accountability, collaboration, trust, and sound processes. 
Organisations already familiar with Insights Discovery™, may yet have more value and potential to tap into. Often, their experience of Insights Discovery™ has been limited to an introductory workshop that is accompanied by participants receiving their own personal profile. The real pay back starts after this introductory phase when organisations leverage the Insights Discovery methodology into leadership development, coaching and performance reviews, sales and customer service training, to name just a few areas. What's more, the reports and data available goes beyonhd the Foundation Profile most people receive. For deeper learning experiences your teams can also find benefit from these additional reports: 
Transformational Leadership 
Full Circle (360° Development) 
Effective Selling 
Personal Achievement and Wellbeing 
To find out more about how Newland Partners can help your team or organisation tap into the remarkable ROI from Insights Discovery just get in touch for an introductory consultation. You can also read more about the different profiles and reports we offer here
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